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Kitty Hawk Golf Center in Dayton, Ohio

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  • The top 3 Ohio Players in each division will receive an official Ohio Games medal in Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) or Bronze (3rd). They will also qualify to compete in the State Games of America. Players from outside Ohio can compete in this competition, but will not be eligible for medals. 
  • ​See the State Games of America for more information on your event. The State Games of America is held once every 2 years. Not all sports are offered each year; see the site for details. All medalists from any Ohio Games sport (past and present) are eligible to compete in the any State Games of America. You are not required to participate in the State Games of America. 
​Course Info
EvenT Rules
  • Official FIFG rules apply. Learn more at
  • Athletes are required to provide their own injury insurance when they participate in the Ohio Games.
Directions to Event
  • Address: ​3383 Chuck Wagner Ln, Dayton, OH 45414

event coordinator

Staff at Kitty HawK
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  • 937-237-5424