History of the Games 

The Ohio Games is an amateur sports festival promoting health, fitness and character building through multi-sport competitions and physical activities. As a member of the National Congress of State Games, the Ohio Games joins 30 other states in hosting an Olympic style Summer State Games event. State Games provide an opportunity for athletes of all ages, within the state, to compete in various sporting events and earn gold, silver and bronze in their respective age categories. All winners earn a spot in the National Games of America and compete for their state against winners in other states to become a National Champion. The first Ohio Games was hosted in Columbus, Ohio in 2018 with 7 events including Cycling, Disc Golf, Pickleball, Racquetball, Running, Swimming, and Triathlon. 

Past Results

Click on the year to see the results from each sport hosted. 

2018: Aquabike, Aquathlon, Baton, Cycling, Disc Golf, Duathlon, Pickleball, Running, Swimming (Open Water), & Triathlon

2019: Aquabike, Aquathlon, Baton, Cycling, Disc Golf, Duathlon, Ninja Challenge, Pickleball, Running, Squash, Swimming (Open Water) & Triathlon

2020: Aquabike, Aquathlon, Baton, Cycling, Disc Golf, Duathlon, Running, Swimming (Open Water), & Triathlon (other events canceled due to COVID-19)


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