Sunday June 19, 2022

Buck Creek State Park in Springfield, Ohio
(just West of Columbus and North of Dayton)


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Packet Pick-up Procedures

Athletes can pick up their race packets on Saturday from 4-6pm or on race morning starting at 5:45am. Packet pickup will be at the Beachfront; please look for the white tents and the registration signs. Packet Pickup will work like this:

  • Please register online before you come to packet pick-up. There is no in-person race day registration at the race venue. Registration will remain open online through the start of the last race, so register before you come. 
  • You are welcome to wear a mask and socially distance at least 6-10 feet from everyone at the race venue. Wearing a mask will be optional. Disposable masks will be available for those who forget, lose or damage their mask on race day.
  • You are welcome to pick-up packets for friends or family members. We hope this will limit groups of people and cut down on the number of people picking up packets.

Give the staff your name and they will give you your race packet, which includes: 

  • Swim cap (everyone who will be swimming as a part of their race)
  • Event Tee (please register at least 2 weeks in advance to be guaranteed)
  • Finisher Medal (please register at least 2 weeks in advance to be guaranteed)

NOTE: You will get your timing chip race morning, so please come back to the registration area for that race morning.  

NOTE: You will get your body marking on race morning. Please see the information below for more information on how you will be marked. You will get marked by one of our staffers on race morning.

Race Start Details

We are going to use a wave start for the races, but there is plenty of space to spread out if you want to maintain social distance. Here are the starting details:

  • There will first be a brief pre-race meeting or you can review all the information in the athlete guide and race website for more information. You may also ask questions of our staff as needed on race day, or email or call us with questions in advance of the race. 
  • All races will start at the beachfront, with the exception of the duathlons, which start at the Run Out area of Transition, which starts at Bike Out in the transition area.
  • Races will start in waves in the water. Please arrive at your designated time.

Start Times

Please arrive at your designated start area at least 15 minutes before your race begins. 

  • 7:15am: 5k, 3k, 1500m Swim Time Trial Start 

Aid Stations

Aid Stations are an essential part of the race course, and can help maintain your energy and effort throughout the race. We will have multiple aid stations on the race course staffed by volunteers. We will have hydration and refueling products. Racers may also carry all of their own aid and hydration on course or leave their refueling products next to the course (socially distanced from others). If you place your own aid on course, please be sure your aid is clearly labeled, and that you do not interfere with other athletes on course as you place or access your aid. Races begin at 6:45am, so be sure your aid is in place before that time.

Aid Station Locations

  • Swim Course: There will be a table in the water along the beach for our long distance swimmers to use as needed. The aid will be self-serve and include both hydration and fuel. You are also welcome to put your own aid on the table to access during the race. 

Course Overview 

The swim takes places in CJ Brown Reservoir, and inland Lake, which has little boat traffic and offers a very calm swimming experience. Racers will swim out and back along the beachfront. The water is shallower near the shore and you can touch there, but on the backside of the course, you will not be able to touch bottom. Athletes will finish in the parking lots next to the transition area and then can celebrate their accomplishment with our to-go goodie bag. 



750m Loop: 

  • 1500m Swimmers complete this 2x
  • 3k swimmers complete this course 4 times clockwise
  • 5k swimmers do the 500m ⅓ lap and then 6 laps on this course, going clockwise

500m ½ Lap: 

  • 5k Swimmer complete this ½ lap first 1 time (clockwise) before they continue on the 750m loop for the rest of their swim laps


Swim FAQ

  • WETSUITS: If the water temperature is below 78 degrees we will be wetsuit legal. This means you can wear a wetsuit if you want, but you do not have to wear one.
  • SWIM CAPS: Please be sure you wear a swim cap for safety. We will give you a swim cap on race day.
  • COURSE: See the course maps. The courses will be marked with large buoys.
    • The 5000m Swim begins with a 500m ½ lap and then 6 laps on a 750m loop.
    • The 3000m Swim is 4 laps on a 750m loop.
    • The 1500m Swim is 2 laps on a 750m loop.​
  • EMERGENCIES: If you need to be rescued by a lifeguard throw your hands in the air (call out if you can). If you need a rescue you will not be allowed to continue the race, unless you are cleared by our medical staff. If you are allowed to continue, you will be DQed from the race results. Along the shore the water will be shallow enough that you can stop, stand, rest or walk. If you want to walk, the water must be above your belly button. Beginner swimmers will be able to touch the bottom for the whole course. On the 750m swim loop, you cannot touch bottom on the backside of the course. 
  • TO TRANSITION & OPEN SWIM FINISH: Once you have completed your swim, exit the water and run up the beach to the transition area or the finish line. Follow the cones, chalk and signs.
  • SWIM CUT OFF: Everyone must have completed the swim course by 10:00am. This should give everyone plenty of time to complete this segment of the race.

The Finish Line

All athletes will have a common finish line. Everyone else must walk, jog or run through the common finish line. Open Water Swimmers need to run up the beach and through the finish line. 


We will have a photobooth, music, food and drink after the race for you. You are welcome to enjoy the post race experience and celebrate your race with family and friends.


Results will be available online at right after the race or at later in the day.


event coordinator

rebekah brately

Open Water Course & Race Details