About The Ohio Games

What is the Ohio Games?

The Ohio Games is an amateur sports festival promoting health, fitness and character building through multi-sport competitions and physical activities. As a member of the National Congress of State Games, the Ohio Games joins 30 other states in hosting an Olympic style Summer State Games event. State Games provide an opportunity for athletes of all ages, within the state, to compete in various sporting events and earn gold, silver and bronze in their respective age categories. All winners earn a spot in the National Games of America and compete for their state against winners in other states to become a National Champion. The first Ohio Games was hosted in Columbus, Ohio in 2018 with 7 events including Cycling, Disc Golf, Pickleball, Racquetball, Running, Swimming, and Triathlon. 

When and Where?

The Ohio Games takes place in cities throughout Ohio including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton. Most events take place between Memorial Day and the end of June each year. The weekend will feature competitions in many individual and team sports throughout the month.  

National Congress of State Games

The Ohio Games is hosted with support from the National Congress of State Games (NCSG). The NCSG is a membership organization comprised of 30 Summer State Games and 10 Winter State Games organizations and a member of the United States Olympic Committee's Multi Sport Organizational Council.  The mission of the NCSG is to support State Games member organizations in the promotion of health, fitness and character building through multi-sport competitions and physical activities. The NCSG was created in 1986, to server as the official association of the State Games Organizations. State Games provide a motivational goal for all athletes within the state in which they are organized. Recreational and competitive events alike are offered in most states, so whether participants compete for the fun of it or as the first step to their ultimate dream, there's something for everybody in the State Games. The State Games movement dates back to 1978. 

Z Plus And Health And Fitness

The Ohio Games is produced and managed by Z Plus Health and Fitness (Z+), an Ohio based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to is to nurture healthy communities and individuals through multi-sport training and racing. Z+ is based in Dayton, Ohio.

Seeking Event Partners and Sponsors

The Ohio Games continue to grow, and if you have an idea for a sport or would like to help with the games let us know. We are also looking for partners to help plan events and sponsors to support the Ohio Games. If you would like to help plan an event, sponsor the games, or help the Ohio Games grow, please reach out and tell us. 

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Games!
Mick, Nick and Rebekah ~ The Ohio Games Executive Committee